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ISMIR 2002
3rd International Conference on
Music Information Retrieval

IRCAM – Centre Pompidou
Paris, France
October 13-17, 2002


ISMIR 2002 events will take place at IRCAM and in the Pompidou Center. Both are located in the heart of Paris (see hotel and local maps). Paris has an excellent public transportation system, composed of buses (“autobus”, in French), local subways (“Métro”) and extended subways linking Paris to the suburbs (“RER”). All these systems are interconnected, and tickets are common to all.

Note that:

·         Bus lines are 2-digit numbers (or one letter, for night buses). Métro lines are numbered 1-14. RER lines are indicated by letters A-E. Directions are specified by indicating the end-point of the line (e.g., “ligne 1 direction La Défense” is Métro line 1 going west).

·         You can transfer with the same ticket between any two Métro lines or between Métro and RER, but not between rail and bus).

·         The fare in Paris is usually 1 ticket, but there is special ticketing to suburbs.

·         You can buy tickets at discounted prices (by lots of 10, known as “carnet”; or special passes, see on the Web site mentioned below for more information).

·         Tickets can be bought on buses (single tickets) and in subway and train stations (single tickets, carnets, passes).

The buses and Métro (subway) are run by the RATP company, whose Web site provides ample information on how to get around. It has printable maps of the commuting system, as well as a service allowing you to find the best transportation between any two places.

Some of the RER lines are run by the SNCF (French national railway company); some by the RATP, but all interconnect and the information is to be found on the Web site mentioned above.

Cabs (“taxis”) are affordable too, but beware of traffic jams. They can be flagged on the main streets next to the ISMIR venue, or ordered by phone from various companies (see Emergency and useful numbers section). It is common practice to tip the driver 15-20%.


The ISMIR 2002 Web pages will be regularly updated
to include program content and schedule