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ISMIR 2002
3rd International Conference on
Music Information Retrieval

IRCAM Centre Pompidou
Paris, France
October 13-17, 2002


Domains to be covered (this is a non-exclusive list), as they apply to music information retrieval:

         Algorithms and methods for classification, clustering, probabilistic modelling, association analysis

         Artificial intelligence

         Data mining

         Expert systems

         Formal models of music

         Knowledge representation, discovery and acquisition

         Machine learning

         Pattern recognition

         Perception and cognition

         Soft computing (neural networks, fuzzy systems, evolutionary computation)

Typical topics of interest, inasmuch as they relate to music information retrieval, are:

         Formal models of music and their digital representations

         Music digital libraries (design, use)

         Music indexing and metadata (authoring and generation)

         Music recognition (printed, audio)

         Music representation, coding, language modelling

         Musical styles and genres

         Music summarization

         Music similarity metrics (perceptual criteria such as pitch, rhythm, timbre; musical criteria such as form, genre, etc.)

         Query languages for music IR (expressiveness, complexity)

         Routing and filtering for music and music queries

         Standards (metadata schema, XML, MPEG, Dublin Core, *MARC, Z39.50) and other metadata or protocols for music information retrieval (CDDB, )

         User interfaces

         Socio-cultural aspects

         Systems issues (performance, compression, scalability, databases, architecture, distributed search, multi-agent systems, mobile applications)

         Validation (user needs and expectations, evaluation of music IR systems, building test collections, experimental design and metrics)

         Intellectual property rights issues (nationally and internationally)

         Business models and experience


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